About Forest Mist

Dealing with problematic skin types is extremely challenging and significantly impacts our confidence—I am very familiar with this struggle. Throughout my life, I’ve had skin issues, starting as a little girl with eczema and atopic dermatitis, and later dealing with acne. My skin would react adversely to almost everything I applied to it. I was prescribed atopic steroids creams on and off for many years, but as soon as I stopped using them, the issues resurfaced. This led me to research the best natural ingredients for sensitive skin types, eventually qualifying as an Organic Skincare Formulator.

I use skincare products specifically designed for troubled skin, combined with a healthy diet and stress management. This has significantly helped to clear my skin.

The journey to achieving healthy, glowing skin is unique for everyone. At Forest Mist Skincare, our mission is to help others on this journey by sharing our own experiences. Sometimes, all it takes is a word of encouragement—we’re in this together.


We’re here for you.

We appreciate reaching out for any suggestions or help you need along your path to beautifying your true self.

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